I had the most amazing weekend! Lots of relaxation, lots of good food, LOTS OF GOOD SEX! lol That last thing is the most important. We spent a lot of time at the beach, hiking, hanging out and yes, there was the obvious sex on the beach. It was really great to get away for a few days and just…fuck a lot. The formerly shy boy is doing very well and has successfully gotten over his shyness, which is a wonderful thing! He even told me some of his fantasies, so I’m going to have to see what I can do to make those come true for him.

In the meantime, I’m here and more than ready to talk to you. Tell me your fantasies, your desires, I can’t wait to hear them and to hear you cum!


This weekend, the formerly shy boy and I are going to the beach. I’ve rented a lovely little house for the weekend, complete with a huge king bed and a hot tub that overlooks the beach. Don’t worry, I’ll be back on Monday and I will tell you about it then!

What naughty things have you got planned this weekend?


Date #2 was with the formerly Shy Boy – I need to come up with a new name for him, don’t I? Anyways, he had invited me over to his place and when I got there, he had prepared a lovely meal with wine and the table was candlelit! Quite romantic! And, in case you were wondering, he is quite the chef.

So, after we ate and imbibed quite a bit of the wine, he told me that he wanted to give me a “massage”. I am a seasoned woman, been around the block once or twice, so I just knew that he meant something sexy by that! And he did, but not what you’re thinking.

I took my clothes off and he spent the next two hours just massaging me and making me feel so good! To put it another way, the man has magic hands! I knew that already from our previous encounter, but this was amazing. He used a lovely oil to just slick all over my curves and he did pay a bit more attention to certain parts of my body, like my tits and ass! By the time he was done, I was literally purring with relaxation.

As a result of making me feel so good, he got one hell of a blowjob! U was just in one of those mood where I needed to suck cock. After I sucked him for a while, we then got to the fun stuff! lol

And, if you want to know the details about that, you’ll have to call!

I went out with my black friend Friday evening. Nothing too splashy, just a dinner out and then back to my place! But, before I tell you some of the details (you’ll have to call me for the rest), want to know what I was wearing?

I ended up going with a strapless, long, sun dress thing. Very lightweight material that was see through in the right light – oh my! Underneath I was just wearing the very cutest little tiny light pink thong.

Dinner was good, but rather uneventful. Well, other than the fact that we sat next to each other and he had his fingers inside my pussy the whole time! There was something very naughty about sitting there among all these rather stodgy people with my pussy filled up. He drives us back to my place and I decide that I’m going to suck his cock along the way. His cock was so big that there almost wasn’t enough space for me to get my head between it and the steering wheel,lol

Back at my place, we made very good use of the hot tub and the rest of the night was very active as well. If you want to know more, you know what you need to do!

I’ll post about my second date in a few days – here’s a preview: The shy boy is no longer shy!

I’m going shopping tomorrow because I have not one, but two dates this weekend! Yay me! One date tomorrow night is with my black friend who was helping me with the cuck boy a month or so ago and the other date is with the formerly mentioned Shy-boy. So keep your fingers crossed that I not only find something sexy when I go shopping, but also that I get some hot action this weekend 🙂

So, you’re thinking about calling me – that is fabulous! Nothing makes me happier than talking to someone new and exciting. if you’ve never chatted with me before (and even if you have), here are some things to keep in mind –

* When you call, you will need to give me your billing information (including your credit card) before we can talk about anything sexy. If you want to make sure that I can handle your fantasy or have questions about billing, that is fine. But don’t ask questions about my pussy or what I’m going to do to your cock – there is plenty of time for that once we take care of business.

* While I’m getting your charge processed, be thinking about what you want. I know that you’re horny, why else would you be calling? 😉 Likewise, telling me that you like “sex” really isn’t an answer. If you tell me that, you’re just leaving the door open for whatever I want to do to you, lol. By telling me what things you enjoy, that gives me something to go on and ensures that you get the call you want.

* If we are in the middle of a call and you decide that you want to change your fantasy, please tell me. I’m not psychic, lol. When you call me, I want you to get the best call possible and communication is a big part of that.

* Likewise, if you tell me that you want a certain fantasy and I go with it, don’t blame me later for doing what you want. On every call, I let the caller start off by telling me what he wants or he can jump right into the fantasy – I never assume that I know what you want.

* I know that you know this, but remember, this is entertainment. It is fantasy and it is meant to be enjoyable for you. You have your life and I have mine – they both intersect for a brief moment on the phone and I want you to enjoy it.

* I am not a “mistress”. I am not dominant by any stretch of the imagination. I have my own take on the “mistress” thing, but if you’re looking for a hardcore Domme, I am not for you. I am simply a woman who loves sex and loves to make you feel good.

Whew! Enough of that! I will repost this every few months, just so new people will read it. Now that it is out of the way, what are you waiting for? Considering the above things, I’m sure you and I could have lots of fun together!

Things have been so busy with me. And by “busy” you know that means that I’ve been getting a fair bit of action! There is a reason why I call my self “your naughty neighbor” you know. There is just something about the hot hubbys and men in my neighborhood. The majority of them have the required wives and 2 children, but you can just tell by looking at their faces that they are missing something.

They’re missing passion, excitement and hot sex. And that’s where I come into the situation.

Who better than me to give those men a little thrill? Whether it is wearing my short shorts while doing some yard work or giving my hips a little extra swing when I’m walking down to the mailbox, no effort is too much to please them.

I’ll bet that I could please you also. Why don’t you call me? I’m a real woman who loves sex and talking about it. Call me and tell me your desires – that’s what I’m here for.

My night out with the girls went very well! It was a short little night as I was in a hurry to get back and talk to you boys. My dress was very popular – there were quite a few men who couldn’t keep their eyes, or their hands, off of me. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than feeling sexy, wearing a sexy dress and just knowing that people are looking at you for all the right reasons.

While I didn’t get lucky while I was out, I did get quite a few phone numbers that I will be using – hope the lucky guys that I call will be able to handle me!

I went and bought the cutest little black dress today! Nice and tight, to show off my ass. It has little tiny straps and the neckline just barely covers my nipples, its that lowcut! As sexy as the dress is, it is very classy so I’m going to liven it up a bit with a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings and the highest, black patent fuck me pumps that I can find!

And, no panties or bra either *hehe*

I’m going to be wearing it on a night out with the girls and you know I’m going to try and get as much male attention as I can! Think that I will be successful?

If you saw me wearing a dress like that hugged my curves and showed plenty of skin, what would you do?

Remember this post? Well, that guy is very quickly overcoming his shyness! As I mentioned in that post, he was getting over the shyness pretty well that night, but now, he has no problems calling me and just telling me what he wants! Which I love, of course!

I’ve got a fun little evening planned for this week – candles, a nice bubbly evening in the hot tub, wine, what do you think will follow that?

Of course, you all know that it takes more than 1 guy to keep me satisfied! I may be very sweet and almost like the woman next door, but I am voracious when it comes to sex! Think you’ve got what it takes to keep me satisfied?